Should I stock up on Coffee Creamer due to Coronavirus?

As we enter this unprecedented time with Coronavirus having a major worldwide impact, the public are looking to prepare themselves ahead of an undefined isolation period. Products such as hand sanitiser and toilet paper have been well documented in the news as subjects of stockpiling, but as the situation escalates, people are now looking to understand if they should stockpile things like flour, pasta, UHT milk and... coffee creamer.

Here at Secret Caffeine Club, we intend to continue delivering the best coffee beans direct to your door while we can still deliver a level of service that you deserve. With that, we are confident you will still be drinking the best coffee during the isolation period - coffee which tastes great even without milk.

It is therefore our recommendation that you don't stockpile coffee creamer - we stock the best coffees which don't always require milk to add to their flavour, so why not try it without? Also, we're pretty confident that our incredible farming and grocery supply chains in the UK will continue to operate for essentials like milk.

Stay safe and drink coffee!

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