How to make Chemex coffee

A one-piece hourglass coffee brewer to ensure flavour and depth.


Coarse - Drip

    3 minutes



        1. Fold the Chemex filter paper using the instructions on the box.
        2. Boil the kettle and put filter paper into the Chemex.
        3. Pour water through the filter to warm up the Chemex and rinse away any paper flavour, then pour this away.
        4. Put the grinds into the filter and tap to level out.
        5. Start a timer, add 75g of water in circular motions, allow it to bloom (this is when the coffee releases CO2, blooming enhances the flavour of the coffee).
        6. Add another 425g in two parts, then allow it to draw down for 3 minutes.
        7. Once the filter is empty of water, remove and show us your Chemex coffee @secretcaffeineclub


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