• Fresh coffee, from a different roaster each week. Delivered.

Subscription coffee made local.

The Secret Caffeine Club brings the convenience of a coffee subscription delivered to your door while keeping the magic of individual speciality coffee roasters.

We find the best independent roasters and send you a different variety every week - the best online coffee beans in the UK.

Featured Roasters

We feature a different roaster each week, giving club members the ultimate variety while supporting independent roasters.  See all of our featured coffee roasters.

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Club Member benefits

Here is what you get with every order:

- Free 1st Class Royal Mail postage in a postbox friendly envelope

- A different speciality coffee roaster every week

- Weekly email about the roaster's story and their featured coffee


The Secret Caffeine Club is a hassle free way to try many different coffee roasters while supporting independent roasters. Club Members get the barista experience at home while still supporting small businesses.