Fika - January 2024

In the historic city of Durham, Matt and Lynn, founders of Fika Coffee Roasters are seriously passionate about coffee. As their motto "we're mad about coffee!" clearly states. And with good reason! After six years soaking up the vibrant Melbourne coffee scene, founders Matt and Lynn returned to the UK with a deep appreciation for both quality and ethical sourcing.

That's why Fika proudly roasts specialty coffee beans, ensuring fair prices and sustainable practices for the farmers they work with. This dedication shines through in every cup, offering more than just a caffeine fix – it's a taste of distant lands, crafted with care and community spirit.

We are thrilled to welcome Fika to feature in the club again, this time showcasing their Timor-Leste - Cristo Liurai roast. Grown high in the Timorese highlands, these beans boast captivating tasting notes of brown sugar and caramel, followed by delicate pear and jasmine. Each sip is a testament to the hard work and passion poured into the beans by the Cristo Liurai farmers, and expertly roasted to perfection by the Fika team.

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