How to make Stovetop coffee

The stovetop method is a traditionally Italian way to make a strong, aromatic coffee by pushing hot water though the coffee grinds under steam pressure, similarly to espresso but an inexpensive alternative.


Fine - Stovetop 

    4-5 minutes

      1 cup - 12-15g with 200ml water
      6 cups - 28g with 800ml water


        1. Boil the kettle and leave to rest for one minute, just boiled water would start the brewing process too early and the coffee would lose its flavours.
        2. Remove the filter-basket  and fill the bottom chamber of the stovetop, the water should touch but not cover the valve.
        3. Fill the filter-basket with 24g of coffee and tap to level out the grinds, you do not need to tamp or press the grinds.
        4. Put the filter-basket back into the bottom chamber and screw the top chamber back on.
        5. Put the stovetop on a high heat and listen for the coffee to start bubbling.
        6. Pour your coffee straight away and show us your coffee @secretcaffeineclub


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