Coffee Gift ideas for Valentines Day

Indulge in the ultimate coffee lover's Valentine's Day with our curated gift guide.

1. A speciality Coffee Tasting Experience

Of course we firstly recommend treat your significant other to a Valentine's Day Coffee Tasting Experience from us. This unique gift includes seven different coffee blends, each hand-selected to provide a unique and delicious taste experience.

Your loved one will rate each of their coffees and we will use Machine Learning to generate their personalised Coffee Tasting Profile, helping them to understand which types of coffees they enjoy (this will be emailed to them). 

Your loved one can rate each coffee out of 5 stars, and with the help of machine learning, we'll calculate their coffee tasting profile. Based on their profile, we'll send a further three 250g pouches of coffee tailored to their taste preferences.

We will also email them their coffee tasting profile, helping them to better understand what types of coffee they like. Kind of like a wine tasting class! 

Whether your loved one is a coffee connoisseur or just getting started, this gift is the perfect way to explore and discover new flavours. Treat your loved one to a Valentine's Day they'll never forget with our Coffee Experience.

2. A Ceramic Coffee Mug

Sip in style with a beautiful ceramic coffee mug, we recommend Matt at Crooked Clay. These beautiful ceramic mugs are perfect for coffee and come in a variety of unique and charming designs. 

3. Personalised Coffee Equipment 

Give your loved one a coffee gift that's as unique as they are. Penny and Meriwether offer customisable coffee items, such as milk pitchers, cupping spoons and coffee storage that can be personalised with names, initials or special messages.

4. Sage Puck Sucker

Take your loved one's coffee experience to the next level with the Sage Puck Sucker. This innovative device quickly and effectively removes coffee puck residue from the group head of your espresso machine, ensuring each cup is clean and flavorful.

5. Coffee Flavour Wheel Print 

Decorate your loved one's home with a beautiful coffee flovour wheel print. This high-quality art print features an intricate diagram of the coffee flavour wheel, showing all the different flavour profiles of coffee and makes a great addition to any coffee lover's collection or coffee nook.