Mocha coffee recipe

Love hot chocolate and coffee? Then this Mocca coffee recipe is the perfect drink for those dark evenings. This recipe takes just a few minutes to and makes a perfect mocha coffee just like the coffee shop!

  1. Use 18g of Wholebean ground to fine Espresso (or Espresso ground) to produce 36g of Espresso. Aim for a 20-30 second espresso extraction to ensure you get the chocolatey notes from your coffee beans.
  2. Mix 1tsp of hot chocolate powder into the espresso and mix until smooth
  3. Pour 250ml of milk into a frothing jug and use your steam wand to froth the milk until it goes glossy and looks a little like wet paint
  4. Start to pour the milk. Give a heart latte art a try by tilting the cup towards you and pouring the milk into the center of the cup with the jug nozzle close to the espresso. As the cup fills with milk, tilt it backwards until it is nearly level. Lift the jug away from the cup as you pour the milk in a forwards motion to cut through the initial blob and form a heart.
  5. Enjoy this delicious cafe mocha!