15Grams Coffee Roasters

Joe, from 15Grams coffee roasters, is another fantastic example of a coffee lover who followed their dreams and landed in coffee. Much like ourselves!

Originally starting out as a photographer and realising that his passion was in coffee, Joe started roasting coffee in the evenings so that he could learn many different techniques. Fast forward to today and 15Grams are roasting on a 15kg Giesen and are in the process of opening their own shop, with the goal of bringing the best speciality coffee to everyone.

15 Grams realise the impact ethical sourcing can have on the farmer's lives so only import from ethical traders and pay a keen interest in the story behind each blend. The ASMUCAFE feature, for example, comes from an organization of female farmers and land-owners in Colombia. Their mission is to creative a collective of knowledge sharing and support so that everyone can learn and succeed from their country's rich plantations.

We're super excited to feature 15 Grams who roast some very special coffees and are excited to see this small roaster boom over the next few years!


Origin: Colombia

Taste: Caramelised sugar, rich cocoa and chocolate flavours with big fruity acidity and a smooth mouth feel

Process: Washed

ASMUCAFE is an association of female producers and landowners in El Tambo. Their mission is to contribute positively to their community by working together and sharing resources, knowledge, and support.

“Our work is determined by our values such as responsibility, honesty, commitment, respect, solidarity, and competitiveness” - ASMUCAFE Association


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