Alpaca Coffee

Alpaca coffee's mission is to make coffee better for everyone: unpretentious, fair, and sustainable. They work directly with coffee farmers, ensuring that they pay fairly and above Fairtrade recommendations. All while being 100% traceable and choosing the best coffee for you.

Alpaca are part of the 1% for the planet group, giving 1% of their profits back to drive sustainable causes in them world. 

Alpaca Coffee launched on Kickstarter in April 2020 as the "100% Plastic Free Coffee Company" and was chosen as a Kickstarter "Projects We Love"! They managed to raise enough money to get the first version of the product off the ground and we were backed by over 160 backers.

Over the course of 2020 - 2021, Alpaca went through further developments as the team worked hard to improve the quality, sustainability and ethics of the coffee. During this time, Mo, Head of Coffee, the very first person to join the company, came onboard.

Alpaca joined the Social Starter's Pernod Ricard mentoring program and were accelerated by an impact business growth programme, funded by the European Union's Regional Development Fund and London & Partners. Their founder was also named "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" 2021 by the Great British Entrepreneur Awards, in partnership with Starling Bank!

We're excited to feature this forward facing, sustainable and hip brand with a feature in the Secret Caffeine Club.

Four left feet

A blend of coffees from the South Kivu region of Congo, Fazenda Cetec Brazillian and Ethiopia Sidamo Awash River roasted medium-dark to accentuate notes of chocolate truffle, brown sugar and toasted nut. Naturally processed, grown between 900 and 2,200 MSAL, Castillo & Catucai varieties.

Brazil Fazenda Cetec

A natural processed Single Origin coffee from Brazil's main coffee producing state, Minas Gerais. The Fazenda Cetec coffee farm started from childhood dreams of two young coffee farm workers who stepped up to run their own farm. Roasted medium-light to bring out notes of peanut butter, caramel and milk chocolate.

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