Blind Owl Coffee Co.

Blind Owl Coffee Co, based in the beautiful city of Bristol, started their journey into coffee in 2016. Founder and director, Robyn was working as a consultant to help businesses succeed and decided to put her skills to the real test by starting her own business. It made perfect sense to combine skill and passion with a foray into speciality coffee.

Robyn started roasting in 2016, on her trusty roaster "Ozzy" in a stable. Fast forward to 2019 and Blind Owl Coffee Co were able to open their first shop in Feeder Road (near Temple Meads station) and have been delighting guests with the finest speciality coffee ever since.

Blind Owl primarily focus on roasting single origin coffees that have unique and distinct characteristics, meaning that there’s a flavour profile for every coffee lover. Head roaster, Vlad, roasts on sight and smell in very small batches to ensure every batch delivers its full potential - and, from our sampling, the results are amazing. 

These beans have been adapted to grow in a cooler climate than many other Peruvian coffees, giving them a body that is full of complexity & a flavour which is perfectly balanced. Sweet cherry tomato partners with Granny Smith apple acidity, creating a truly unique brew with a silky smooth mouthfeel.

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