Burtonwood - May 2023

Burtonwood Coffee Co was founded by Ellis and Toni in 2021. Driven by a love and passion for coffee, they strive to deliver super-fresh, high-quality coffee to their community and beyond.

With an in-house coffee roastery, the team is able to roast, pack, and deliver coffee to order, all in the same week. This commitment to freshness is a top priority for Burtonwood Coffee Co.

Ellis and Toni work together to ensure that the highest standards are met. Ellis, Director and Head-Roaster, is a Marine Engineer in the Royal Navy. His travels have exposed him to some of the best coffee the world has to offer, and he brings this knowledge to the roastery. He is committed to customer satisfaction and ensures that every bag of coffee is roasted to perfection.

Toni is responsible for the day-to-day running of Burtonwood Coffee Co. She uses her experience as a Business Psychologist to focus on the best possible experience for customers, overseeing the chain of operations and implementing technological solutions.

We are excited to feature Burtonwood Coffee Co with their newest blend, which is set to be the flagship of Burtonwood Coffee Company:

Control Tower
Processed with a combination of natural and washed methods, this coffee brings together the exceptional characteristics of Colombia Suarez and Brazil Santos in a 50/50 ratio. With a medium roast, it delights the senses with enchanting notes of caramel, dark chocolate, and citrus fruit. The name is inspired by the historic structure that once graced RAF Burtonwood; Europe's largest air base during World War II.

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