Carnival Coffee Roasters

Carnival Coffee hand roast small batches of speciality coffee from their garden workshop in Penge, London. They have an interesting entry into coffee, with their coffee Roaster extrordinare's Grandfather winning a mountain side in a card game which he used to start a coffee plantation.

Fast forward to today and Carnival Coffee are sourcing coffee from the world's coffee belt, on a mission to bring awesome, fair trade coffee to Penge and beyond.

Carnival Coffee are passionate about amazing coffee and spend their days, roasting, testing, tasting and repeating to ensure you get the best possible tasting bean. 

We're super excited to be featuring Carnival this week with their "Midnight Flyer" and "Las Nubes" blends:


Las Nubes, Jinotega, Nicaragua

Tastes like: Sugar cane, Nuts, Citrus, Smooth body

Mountain: 1,350 - 1,500 MASL

Variety: Caturra

Process: Fully washed


Roaster notes: "A really interesting and unique coffee, with incredible notes of sugar cane, a great cup on its own or a sweet treat for a milk based coffee drink"

Producer: A group of 20 small-scale coffee producers

In a foggy rainforest with rich climatic conditions, you can find several of the most productive haciendas in the country. The name Las Nubes comes from the beautiful views that the clouds make around the tops of the mountains and over the farms of this region. 

Las Nubes is made up of coffee from 20 hardworking producers, located in the Cordillera Isabelia.   This cordillera is one of the first regions that started with large productions of coffee


Midnight Moon, Uganda

Tastes like: Apple, Kiwi, Hint of Caramel 

Mountain: 1,590 MASL

Variety: SL28, SL14

Process: Washed


Roaster notes "We have tried roasting this coffee lots of different ways; we think we have cracked it. This awesome coffee suits all brewing methods and is a total crowd pleaser with notes of fresh apple and a hint of caramel"

Producer: Biira Alice

This coffee comes from the tribal lands in Rwenzori, Western Uganda from the region of Bugoye.

In the Rwenzori's as there has been little investment into the infrastructure, nearly all coffee has been processed at farmer level as a natural, dried on Tapalins / on the floor. When our coffee import partner started buying coffee, the first stage was to focus on cherry quality and to set up a buying programme which would enable Farmers to process cherry themselves. At the end of 2017, the community were asked to see if they were interested in a new processing method'. Omwani coffee handed out 30 hand pulpers into the community. The Farmers then had some training from well-established Farmers in the East (Mt Elgon typically known for it's washed coffees) who travelled over and spent a week learning/practising with hand pulpers. In 2018 they invested in a 2.5mt Pulper at the washing station and spent the majority of the main crop experimenting with fermentation times, drying techniques, learning how much mucilage to take off! Try the result from this incredible testing.

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