Carnival Coffee Roasters

Carnival Coffee Roasters hand roast small batches of speciality coffee from their garden workshop in Penge, London. They have an interesting entry into coffee, with their coffee roaster extrordinare's Grandfather winning a mountain side in a card game which he used to start a coffee plantation.

Fast forward to today and Carnival Coffee are sourcing coffee from the world's coffee belt, on a mission to bring awesome, fair trade coffee to Penge and beyond.

Carnival Coffee are passionate about amazing coffee and spend their days, roasting, testing, tasting and repeating to ensure you get the best possible tasting bean. 

We're super excited to be featuring Carnival this week with their Sidamo and La Virgen:

This washed single origin coffee from Bulessam, in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia has been grown at 1,750 MASL. You will taste notes of blood orange, apricot and maple syrup, with a hint of lime acidity and jasmine.

La Virgen
A washed, Colombian coffee grown at 1,400 - 1,900 MASL. This coffee offers a sweet, jammy taste with notes of berries and roasted almonds.