Carringtons Coffee

Carringtons Coffee Co of Warrington, Manchester, is a speciality coffee roaster with an equally special story behind them.

Suzy and Alex met their Barista inspiration while working as musicians on a cruise ship in 2017. They were so inspired by the Barista's passion for coffee that they started to explore the details of roasting, brewing and coffee tasting to quench their thirst for knowledge and facilitate their next move. 

Through friends made on the ship, Suzy and Alex were introduced to a music school owner on Bogota, Colombia, whose family had a coffee farm in the countryside. From here, the rest is history - they now roast delicious coffee from Kenyon Hall Farm in Warrington.

Carringtons Coffee Co focus on roasting specialty coffees from single estates with a bias towards Colombia and has also entered the foray of Cold brew blends (which are delicious, by the way!).

It is stories like this that inspired us to create the Secret Caffeine Club and we are so happy to be featuring Carringtons. We hope you enjoy!

We are featuring the following blends:


A Single Origin coffee grown between 1,600 - 2,000 MASL in the Ibanda, Kasese, Rwenzori Mountains. Processed using a Natural process and roasted light to bring out Bright, Fruity and Caramel tasting notes.


Todosanterita from Guatemala is unmistakably chocolatey in flavour and a definite crowd pleaser. Roasted as dark Carringtons are willing to go while still preserving the natural characteristics of Milk Chocolate, Pear and Red Apple. 

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