Chipp Coffee Co.

Chipp Coffee Co. started in 2016 when Zach Chipp decided to set up a small roasting project. After huge success, Zach and brother Alastair decided to take on their passion for coffee full time and set up a speciality coffee roasters.

Sourcing and quality are key to Chipp Coffee Co. along with their relationship with farmers, the brothers take the time to choose fresh harvest crops from independent coffee growers to ensure the hard work of the farmers can be tasted in every cup.

We are thrilled to feature Chipp Coffee Co. in the club with two varieties:

Fazenda Cetec

A Brazillian coffee prepared using the sugar cane anaerobic process where cherries are submerged in sugar cane juice for 24 hours before pre-drying on raised beds for the next 20 days and a further 30 days in static box dryers before then resting for a further 30 days. Expect notes of Floral, Red fruits & Strawberry laces.

Highwire Blend

A tempting blend of Brazil Fazenda Do Salto and Colombia Dulima which has notes of Caramel, Spice and Roast almond. In Brazil, the farm led by Fabio Araujo Reis for over a century has family culture and coffee as its main focus. The Colombia Dulima comes from a collection of 80 smallholder farmers in the multiple farms across North/Central Huila & Tolima.

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