Coffee Advent 2022 - Day 6 & Day 22 - Fika

Fika means a social break in Swedish and our brand is inspired by Swedish folk art but their love for coffee actually originated from a six-year stint in Melbourne.

Matt and Lynn, founders of Fika Coffee Roasters show huge respect to the land and the people that farm it to bring the best quality speciality coffee to the UK.

They’re based in the fine cathedral city of Durham and were the city’s first speciality coffee roastery!

You can sample Fika's finest coffee on Day 6 and Day 22 of this advent:

Day 6

Gonzalez - This Nicaraguan Washed coffee is grown at 1,570 MASL and is certified fairtrade. It is named after the farmer Amado Gonzalez, a member of the Solidariad Cooperative which is made up of 12 women and 53 men who come together to support one another. Enjoy the delicious notes of cocoa, hazelnut and green apple.

Day 22

Ugandan Kalingwe - A deliciously fruity coffee from Uganda, sourced through a social enterprise ‘Agri Evolve’. Agri Evolve launched the ACE 2030 project which is committed to positively impact the farmers, communities and environment where they live and work. Expect notes of red berries and dark chocolate.