Coffee Advent 2022 - Day 10 - Doe and Fawn & Chipp Coffee Co.

Doe and Fawn

Founded by Aaron, Doe and Fawn started out with the belief that being a coffee roaster is so much more than simply bringing customers fresh seasonal coffee. Aaron wanted Doe and Fawn coffee to create more than just a cup of coffee, but to connect customers with independent farmers and for them to become part of the relationship. Aaron says ‘every cup of coffee has a story behind it and we want you to be part of it.’
Aaron has 14 years of experience in the coffee industry having held many roles from pulling shots, wholesale and now running Doe and Fawn.

Doe and Fawn roast their coffee on a fully electric, Typhoon fluid bed roaster. They § roast in batch sizes of 5kg giving us complete control over the slightest changes with immediate response within the roast chamber. The fluid bed roaster is incredibly precise, economical friendly, the average kw/h energy consumption per kg of coffee is 0.4 kWh or lower – one of the best in the industry among all-electric roasters.

We are excited to feature Doe and Fawn on Day 10 with their Colombia: Jose Angel Parra - A delicious Washed Colombian coffee grown at 1,650 MASL in Huila, Colombia. Farmer Jose has been sustainably growing coffees at Las Delicias farm for 35+ years! Expect notes of milk chocolate, honeycomb and green apple.

Chipp Coffee Co.

Chipp Coffee Co. was founded in 2016 by Zach Chipp, who had been working for coffee supplier Musetti. Zach was recruited to provide barista training to globally recognised establishments including The Savoy, Claridges and The Ritz. 

While enjoying his role at Musetti, Zach decided to partner with his brother Alastair and started to explore the world of roasting. Together, they have grown their passion into an established business: Chipp Coffee Co. 

Sourcing and quality are key to Chipp Coffee Co. along with their relationship with farmers, the brothers take the time to choose fresh harvest crops from independent coffee growers to ensure the hard work of the farmers can be tasted in every cup.

Chipp Coffee Co feature on Day 10 with their  Colombia Anoxic Natural - A Costa Rica 95 (Catimor) varietal grown at the Fincas 575 farm in Colombia. Processed anaerobically, these beans have been through an 8 step drying process before being lightly roasted to bring out notes of Syrupy sweet Peach and a Creamy mouthfeel.