Coffee Advent 2022 - Day 15 - Carringtons

Carringtons Coffee Co is a roastery, factory shop, espresso bar and event space based in Carnforth, Lancashire.

Wife and husband team, Suzy and Alex traded their life as Disney cruise ship musicians in 2019, after being inspired by a barista's passion for coffee. They started to explore the details of roasting, brewing and coffee tasting to quench their thirst for knowledge from Kenyon Hall Farm in Warrington.

Through friends made on the ship, Suzy and Alex were introduced to a music school owner on Bogota, Colombia, whose family had a coffee farm in the countryside. From here, the rest is history - they now roast delicious coffee from Carnforth, Lancashire.

Carringtons Coffee Co focus on roasting specialty coffees from single estates with a bias towards Colombia and has also entered the foray of Cold brew blends (which are delicious, by the way!).

We are excited to feature Carringtons on Day 15 of Advent with their Dog House - A single origin Brazilian grown at 1,100 MASL in Albertina by farmer Sitio Sao Joao Batista. His family are a huge part of the local coffee community and his daughter was elected Miss Coffee in 2020. This coffee offers exceptional flavours of toasted coconut and silky smooth chocolate.