Coffee Advent 2022 - Day 18 - Newground

Newground coffee, based in Oxford have embarked on a journey to expertly craft coffee while advancing social responsibility. Newground pushes boundaries, thinking differently about what has happened in the past and never settling for the ordinary.

At Newground, new starts are the heart of everything they do. From ethically sourced high-grade coffee, carefully selected from small-scale farms around the world, to their state-of-the-art facilities where they expertly roast each batch to reveal new exciting flavours every time. 

But Newground believes that coffee can go beyond the cup and can be used as a catalyst for change right here in our very own communities. This is why Newground use our business to create work and training opportunities for ex-offenders across the UK, giving some of the most overlooked people in society a new beginning.

From Newground:

"Meet one of our team, James. He’s part of our roasting and production team. He loves going to the gym, cooking large roast dinners, and drinking the best coffees from around the world. He also happens to have spent some time in prison.

We exist to provide training and job opportunities for people like James as we believe in second chances. And the best way to stop the cycle of re-offending (which costs the taxpayer close to £4bn/year) is by providing these opportunities."

Thanks to all of our club members who support a different independent roaster every week - and in this week's feature are also helping to advance our social responsibility to help ex-offenders rehabilitate and successfully re-integrate into society. 

We're excited to feature Newground in our 2022 coffee advent calendar with their Mugshot single origin:

A single origin coffee from Sul De Minas, home to some of the best coffees in Brazil. The region is characterised by mountainous terrain, rich fertile soil and vast natural reserves of Brazil’s Atlantic Rainforest. Enjoy tasting notes of milk chocolate and delicious hazelnut and raisin.