Coffee Advent 2022 - Day 23 - Little Fin Roastery

Founded in 2018 by Ian and Charlotte, Little Fin Coffee Roastery was born out of a love and desire to produce the freshest and most flavoursome cup of filter coffee. Armed with just a Gene cafe counter top roaster and an Aeropress, Little Fin set out to do just that. Hours upon hours and countless test roasts were completed with some questionable results before they finally cracked it! Finbari - Little Fin’s first and most popular single origin coffee.

Little Fin has a special story behind their name,  Ian and Charlotte welcomed their son into the world just 8 weeks before Little Fin Roastery began. Whilst they are based in a seaside town, the main reason for the name is after their son Finley. Their caffeine fuelled adventure has been popular over the last 4 years and Little Fin are enjoying their independent roastery growing as they continue to roast great coffee.

We are super excited to feature Little Fin Roastery on Day 23 of Advent with their fantastic Maratona - A mix of Honduran and Brazilian coffees delivering notes reminiscent of the much loved Snickers chocolate bar. Hazelnut tones from the Brazilian meet a beautifully subtle sweetness from the Honduran coffee giving a chocolate and caramel edge to the blend.

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