Coffee Advent 2022 - Day 4 - Littlestone

Littlestone Coffee Roasters is a family run business in Exeter, Devon. Founded by Jack Limmer and Chloe Harvey who decided their passions were no longer in their further education of Oceanography and Education. Jack found himself inspired by the coffee industry, particularly after having read an article about a coffee roaster in London and so Littlestone was born and named after Jack's childhood home!

In the beginning, Jack did a lot of the roasting himself with a little help from his Father who visited from Hertfordshire. Chloe supported over weekends while completing her masters at Plymouth University. Now both Chloe and Jack are full time in the roastery, sourcing and roasting the best specialty coffee for businesses across the UK. Littlestone enjoy featuring at food festivals and other events throughout the year as they find interacting with their customers a highliight of the business.

We are delighted to feature Littlestone on day 4 of Advent with Bona Zuria - A Natural Ethiopian coffee grown at 2,300 MASL in Bona Zuria, located in the Sidamo region. The farmers hand pick the coffee cherries before they inspect the cherries and deliver them to Ayele Tulu washing station by donkey. You will enjoy a light floral taste with hints of red berries.