Element Coffee

Element Coffee was founded by friends Nat and Louis, who met after working together as a coffee shop. With a wealth of experience in the coffee industry, Nat and Louis had a desire to create something unique. They joined forces to create Element, an independent coffee shop and roasters that reflects their flare, attention to detail and love for coffee.

Element Coffee opened in 2019, initially as a pop up. This meant most of the elements(!) both inside and out were built by Nat and Louis themselves, with minimal start-up funds and maximum creativity Element was born.

Post pandemic, they now roast all of their own coffee with a range of single origins that are carefully selected from one of the UK’s top green bean suppliers. Their top priorities include: quality, traceability, sustainability and low environmental impact. 

Their Elements are split into Water, Air, Fire and Earth. As the coffees rotate origin the flavour profiles remain the same, so once you find your favourite Element, you can rest assured that your new coffee will be just as good as the previous one.

We are excited to feature all elements in the club this week:

Fifth Element
The exciting duo of Ethiopian and Peruvian coffees, two super juicy, fruit forward crops harmonise into a blend that’s bursting with flavours of blueberry and orange, backed up with a creamy marshmallow body.

An excellent natural coffee from Fazenda Pantano in Brazil, this is a smooth and sweet cup for drinkers who like traditional coffee but with additional exciting nuances. Rich chocolate and candied nuts are complemented by a gentle stone fruit acidity.

An extremely high quality coffee from farmer Yolanda Urrea Arita, this natural Honduran is produced with a big focus on biodiversity. Bursting with blueberry juiciness, Water offers a refreshing array of summer fruit notes combined with a smooth syrupy sweetness in every cup.

The most refreshing and delicate coffee, this washed Ethiopian is grown at very high altitudes by Jamila Abakeno, a small lot farmer based in Agaro, Djimmah. Stone fruit sweetness is supported by candied citrus and a tea-like quality. This coffee is ideal for those who enjoy a more elegant cup with a light body and complex finish.

This captivating single origin from El Salvador showcases the perfect balance of sweet and fruity in every cup. A smooth syrupy mouthfeel with a warm and vibrant finish, this coffee is dangerously drinkable and will have you thirsty for more.

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