Elsewhere Coffee Roasters

Elsewhere Coffee Roasters started its journey as the in-house roastery for Social Espresso, an events company that delivers high end coffee to conferences and exhibitions across Europe. It proved so popular that, in 2019, they were able to expand their footprint into cafes, restaurants, businesses and started selling direct to the public. 

Elsewhere's aim is for everyone to be able to enjoy the very best coffee. They source ethically traded beans and roast to perfection in their railway arch roastery in South East London. 

We're featuring two very special blends from Elsewhere:


Uganda - Bukonzo Dream 

  • 100% Ugandan
  • Process - Natural
  • Altitude - 1900M
  • Tasting Notes - Strawberry, Peach & Lemon.

The farmers harvest their coffee by hand, carefully selecting the ripe cherries. The
cherries are then pre-sorted before being floated in a tank of water. The cherries which float are removed, leaving only the best cherries. These cherries are then sun- dried on raised tables inside purpose-built poly-tunnels.

Rwanda Bwishaza

  • 100% Rwanda
  • Process - Washed
  • Tasting Notes - Blood Orange & Caramel.

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