February 2024 - Coffee Train Roasters

James and Emily, are 'a couple of coffee nuts' who started Coffee Train Roasters in 2023. James fell in love with specialty coffee during his time in Melbourne, Australia, working in cafes there. When he came back to the UK, it wasn’t long until Emily picked up the taste for it too!

Their mission statement is simple, to make delicious coffee which is as much of a joy to a seasoned professional, as it is to a complete newcomer. James and Emily started small, converting friends and family over to the joys of specialty coffee, but now their goal is much bigger!

The story behind the name, is thanks to James and Emily's young daughter Jessica. Jessica thought the roaster was a train on day one. Very adorable!

We are excited to feature Coffee Train Roasters this week with their fantastic:

Donas do Cafe
This single origin Brazillian coffee, grown by 3 women farmers celebrates and recognises representation by women in the coffee industry. A medium roast and bursts with butterscotch, honey, and sweet plum.

Get to know the roaster more...

Describe your perfect coffee in emojis:

Which fictional character would be your ideal coffee drinking buddy? And why?
Bandit (Dad) from Bluey. I feel like he’d appreciate a good brew and he can give me some great parenting tips! 

What tune gets your beans boppin' the most in the roastery?
If we’re roasting together, it’ll be some pop punk/ alternative rock. Basically anything that reminds us of our teenage years. If it is just me (James), then I’m working my way through the back catalogue of the Decoding the Unknown Podcast!

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