Fika Coffee Roasters

Fika Coffee Roasters, based in Durham put their passion for coffee very simply ‘we’re mad about coffee!’ They have had a love for coffee since spending 6 years in Melbourne are the first speciality coffee roasters to open in Durham. 

Matt and Lynn, founders of Fika Coffee Roasters have great respect for land, they are proud to be providing high quality speciality coffee in the UK. 

We are excited to feature two of Fika’s varieties:

El Savaldor
The establishment of Cooperative San Carlos was made possible by agrarian reforms implemented by the El Salvadorian Government which redistributed land to small farmers. The 672 hectare San Carlos farm is located on the Cacahuatique mountain in the east of the country, up to 1665 metres above sea level (masl). Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, forest berries, juicy acidity and buttery biscuit body.

La Danta is a blend of coffees produced along the highlands of San Ignacio, Cajamarca. With a cup score of 85.5 the blend is named after the Andean Tapir, also known as mountain Danta, and in Quechua as "sacha huagra". Tasting Notes: Fruity, mango, tropical, brown sugar, honey and syrupy body.


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