Forest Edge Coffee Roasters

Forest Edge Roasting Co is an independent, small batch and artisan coffee roaster. Built on a healthy obsession with quality coffee and a belief that respecting our environment should be central to 21st Century living.

Forest Edge are quality driven and ensure the traceability of their beans. They strive to build a product that benefits everybody, from farmer to customer while implementing sustainable practices from ground to cup to benefit our planet.

They have strong partnerships with farmers overseas, ensuring they support those on the ground who produce amazing coffee. Forest Edge strive to ensure healthy relationships, good working environments, decent wages, and support with every stage of the coffee process - from ground to door. For Forest Edge, it is about people and coffee for the future, not just the now.

We are excited to feature Forest Edge in the coffee club with two roasts:


  • Central America, Rwanda
  • With a medium to light body it has an almost milk chocolate feel. Citrus notes contribute to a mild acidity, but is then softened by a vanilla undertone.


  • Guatemala, Rwanda
  • Full bodied, with a deep chocolate aroma there are notes of forest berries; then a long milk chocolate finish completes this experience.

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