Horsham Coffee Roasters

Horsham Coffee Roasters are a Sussex based speciality coffee roaster who started roasting in 2012 using a 1kg roaster in their garage. They've learned a lot since then and their team has grown, but their values have remained true.  

Their goal is to source the best, ethically traded coffees in the world and develop scientific approaches to roasting to ensure that customers receive the highest quality coffee possible. They have moved twice since 2012 as the demand for their incredible coffee has touched the lips of more people and they now roast on an 35kg Loring S35.

Horsham coffee stock specialty lots that have been carefully scrutinised through their own cupping and quality control procedures. Sometimes these will be exclusive coffees that aren't available anywhere else and many are directly sourced by Horsham directly. 

Horsham roast in the medium to light colour range allowing for the characteristics of each coffee to dominate and enabling versatility across multiple brew methods. Most of their single origin coffees are fairly lightly roasted and suitable for all brew methods.

They are fanatical about the quality our coffee, and this obsession goes from the green coffee they purchase right through to the final cup you will drink.

We're excited to be featuring Horsham coffee roasters with two varieties:

A direct trade, washed coffee from the Bwishaza co-operative, grown at 1600+ MASL. For every kilo of Rwandan coffee sold, Horsham ensures a tree is planted in the Gishwati-Mukura forest in Rwanda. This well-balanced coffee has tasting notes of blood orange, caramel and black tea.

A lovely peaberry washed coffee grown at 1600-1900 MASL in Kilenso Mokonisa, Sidamo. Where farmers use ‘false banana’ as an intercrop because it holds moisture from the soil and provides access to water throughout the dry season. This coffee has tasting notes of peach, sweet syrup and juicy melon.

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