Inverness Coffee Roasting Co.

The story of Inverness coffee roasting co. begins in the vegetables aisle of Tesco...! They'd bumped into a friend who was selling a coffee business and Kev put himself forward as the new owner there and then.

Kev and Heather are passionate about all things coffee, especially the craft of teasing out the best in every bean, through careful selection of ethically sourced beans and skilled roasting appropriate to the characteristics of each varietal.

Inverness Coffee Roasting Co is a friendly stopping place for the individual coffee lover and a supplier of locally roasted, single origins beans and unique blends, from the high lands of the world to those in the Highland food and drink fraternity who share our passion for quality and excellence.

We're excited to feature the Inverness Coffee Roasting Co. in the club with two varieties:

Highland Roast - Carefully selected speciality beans from South America and blended with those from the Far East to produce a bright fragrant, full body and mocha finish. Strong and richly complex, well balanced flavours suggest quality dark chocolate with a creamy pleasant mouthfeel and caramel finish.

Paradox - The Sierra Nevada content in the blend is a recipe of lightly and darkly roasted beans, which serves to deliver their sweet, creamy, dark cocoa, South American “tones” in different caffeinated “octaves”. The Kenyan Peaberry then adds the “harmony” (to keep the musical theme!) of citrus and forest fruits resulting in a surprisingly smooth, deep, balanced cup.

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