John Watt Coffee

John Watt Coffee is the oldest, most established family roaster we've featured in the club. They opened their doors in Carlisle in 1865, selling local produce, blending teas and roasting coffee!

In 1982, under the pressures of changing consumer behaviours and out of town supermarkets, John Watt pivoted away from groceries and doubled down on coffee, opening a cafe within their store.

Over the last 150 years, they have perfected their roasting recipes which have been passed down the generations. Their store at Blackfriars Street is home to a 15kg roaster where all coffee is hand roasted.

We're excited to feature John Watt coffee in the club with two fair trade varieties:

Mediterranean Fairtrade

Grown in the Antioquia/Medellin estates of Colombia, this coffee has been roasted as a French roast, dropped from the roaster just as the roast reaches second crack. This releases the natural oils in the bean without allowing the roasting process to overpower the flavour, resulting in a rich & solid flavour with a smooth aftertaste.

Nicaragua SHG Fairtrade

This coffee comes from the mountainous northwest region of Nicaragua. It is a Strictly High Grown coffee, meaning that the coffee was grown at high altitudes, which allows the bean to develop slower, resulting in a denser high quality bean. Expect notes of orange and milk chocolate sweetness balanced with a slight acidity.

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