Kickback Coffee Roasting Co

It may surprise you that Alex, owner of Kickback Coffee Co, started roasting on a popcorn maker. No, that was not an auto-correct or typo, a popcorn maker!

Inspired by a mentor at his local coffee shop, Alex learned that you could use a popcorn maker to roast very small batches of coffee, and this is where his roasting journey began. Ordering small batches of green coffee from eBay and roasting in 50g batches, it gave Alex the opportunity to learn many of the foundations of roasting coffee.

Frustrated by the small roasting batches and having melted a few popcorn makers, it was time for Alex to upgrade to a purpose home roaster - a GeneCafe, which enabled him to start roasting 250g batches. This gave him experience of drum roasting and made him popular with friends and family who couldn't get enough of his coffee!

Fast forward to today and Kickback Coffee have been able to invest in a 6kg Giesen roaster - the result of years of hard work and investment. The journey has been a special one which is reflected in the quality of coffee!

We are excited to feature Kickback Coffee Co again with two of their coffees:

Brazil Terra Preta
This single origin, natural coffee with characteristics of milk chocolate and blackberries is a real crowd pleaser. Grown in the Pedregulho, Alta Mogiana - Sao Paulo region at 1,090 metres above sea level, it is a Catucai 2 SL varietal which has been processed Natural using a sun dried with 45 day resting period process.

This Nicaraguan coffee is our popular signature darker roast. It has a full body and is bold, nutty and can be enjoyed as both espresso and filter. It is formed of Caturra, Red Catuai and Catimor varietals from various smallholders in the Nueva Segovia region.

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