Kogarashi Cofee

Kogarashi coffee roasters, based in Merseyside have adopted the slow and meticulous Japanese approach to coffee. They tirelessly seek out only the best, in season, coffees from around the world and pay above Fairtrade prices to the dedicated farmers who produce them.

They roast in 1kg batches to ensure each bean is roasted to the optimal profile to bring out its best qualities. The result is a very special cup of coffee that we are excited for club members to experience. 

We are featuring two Kogarashi varieties:


A blend of high quality Colombian washed process coffee and Brazilian natural process. Expect dark chocolate and molasses in the cup with a nutty aftertaste. Excellent for espresso based drinks and cafetiere, drip or aeropress preparations.


A blend of washed La Florida Colombian coffee, Red honey processed Nicaraguan, and finished with a touch of Wata Dasa washed Ethiopian. The result is an incredibly complex and sweet cup of coffee with layers of fresh fruit flavours which get more intense as the cup cools down.


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