Kogarashi Coffee Roasters

Kogarashi coffee roasters, based in Merseyside have adopted the slow and meticulous approach to coffee of the Japanese. They tirelessly seek out only the best, in season, coffees from around the world and pay above Fairtrade prices to the dedicated farmers who produce them.

They roast in 1kg batches to ensure each bean is roasted to the optimal profile to bring out its best qualities. The result is a very special cup of coffee that we are excited for club members to experience. 

We are featuring two Kogarashi varieties:

Ruben Garcia - Organic Colombian Microlot selection

 Lashings of caramel sweetness with an intriguing hint of red berries and a slice of green apple!

When we tasted this coffee it really stood out to us. It had a classic chocolate hit you’d expect from a South American coffee, with syrupy caramel sweetness most associated with Colombians - however the notes of green apple and red berries were a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one.

This coffee is prepared for roasting using a modified washed process. Ripe coffee cherries are selected and then pulped to remove the fruit. The coffee then undergoes a 28 hour fermentation, followed by a thorough washing. The coffee is then dried on raised beds for around 30-35 days, a drying process which is unconventional for Colombia and this region. 

Yipao Blend

Introducing Yipao, the Colombian festival celebrating pimped up jeeps and the seasons first coffee harvest! We know what you're thinking - what an incredible mix of things, and much like this festival our new coffee blend is an incredible mix of intense flavours and smells.

Like the name suggests, the Yipao blend comprises of the syrupy sweet organic Colombian microlot, roasted a little darker to really caramelise the sugars. Alongside this, they've added some of our wonderful natural Nicaraguan to add more body to the cup, and a touch of the ever-popular Kenyan peaberry for a light and subtle fruity high.


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