Lincoln Coffee House and Roasters

Founded in 2013 by husband and wife Jas & Simmi Sohal, their journey began on 2013 during the emergence of a speciality coffee scene based in London.

Jas & Simmi decided to enhance their customers coffee experience and expand their business by opening their very own coffee roastery. In 2018, they purchased a coffee roaster and began roasting their very first batch of coffee beans. After a lot of trial and error Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters eventually perfected roasting coffee, and has established an excellent reputation for speciality roasts.

The business started to expand even further, and Lincoln Coffee House & Roasters now roasts a wide selection of filtered and espresso coffee while maintaining a focus on ethical sourcing.

We are looking forward to featuring Lincoln Coffee House and Roasters with two of their varieties;

This coffee has been perfected to provide you with a carefully created balance of flavours, you can find notes of passion fruit, papaya, pineapple & maple syrup. A fruity and full-bodied coffee that works with and without milk.

This coffee is selectively harvested and dried in natural sunlight over a ten-day period. Only the ripest cherries ensures the coffee is sweet, clean syrupy in the cup. It has flavours of tropical fruit acidity and a chocolate finish.

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