Modern Standard

Modern Standard, based in Fife, Scotland was born out of a desire to combine speciality coffee with market leading technical service and outstanding customer service. Their goal is to set the modern standard in coffee. See what they did there?

 In fulfilling their mission, they care about great coffee and focus on serving the whole journey from the source to the cup. Modern standard blends their experience and detail-led knowledge of speciality roasting with efficient and innovative production.

Sourcing and roasting coffee contributes towards carbon emissions, and as a responsible business, Modern Standard is a proud member of the 1% For the Planet scheme, donating 1% of their turnover to environmental and social causes.

They purchase coffee using the direct trade model - paying a price that values the producers input, creates a sustainable partnership. Modern Standard also track their gas consumption and offset that by purchasing carbon credits.

They even donate over 100L of coffee chaff a day. This is produced when coffee is roasted and is a nutrient dense bi product of roasting, and they donate it to a local community garden to enrich their compost.

It is safe to say, a company who has devoted so much to respecting the coffee chain and our environment are meticulous in their roasting and have perfected some fantastic recipes. We're very excited for you to try them in the club with two coffees:

Santa Lucia

Located in the region of Sul De Minas, Fazenda Santa Lucia is perfectly situated to grow coffee in Brazil. In the cup expect orange, milk chocolate with a smooth hazelnut and almond finish.

Aromas Del Sur

This coffee was sourced from the growing region of Huila, Colombia and is a perfectly balanced offering with sweetness, spice and pleasant fruit notes in the acidity, expect caramel, milk chocolate and orange.

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