No.13 Coffee Roasters

Run by husband and wife pair, No.13 roaster's heritage starts from Italian bloodlines and extensive travels across the world including Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. 

They recognised the power coffee of coffee - not just the wonderful taste but also the social aspect of bringing people together to have conversations. They also realised it was not that easy to buy coffee that was actually freshly roasted and did not have an expiry date of a year plus.

With a can-do attitude, they bought a one-kilo roaster and No.13 coffee was born. They set about sourcing small batches of green beans and made friends with other small artisan roasters who shared their views that something had to change. They visited some coffee growing regions to really learn the ethos of how and where coffee was grown and the intricate process it goes through before being cupped and sent all over the world for us to be lucky enough to buy it.

No.13 spent quite a few years roasting, sampling meeting a whole host of people in the coffee trade before upscaling to a five-kilo roaster and setting their mission to roast the best tasting cup of coffee you could drink.

We're excited to feature No 13 in the club this week with two varieties:

This excellent fully washed, sundried coffee was sourced from the growing region of Mususa, North Kiva and was produced at 1295-2017 MASL. A light to medium body, light citric acidity and notes of cocoa nibs.

A natural Brazilian coffee from the region Alto Mogiana well defined for its rainy and dry seasons allowing the cherries to grow slowly and homogeneously. The notes of treacle, hazelnuts and dark chocolate dance on your taste buds!

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