North Star Coffee Roasters

North star coffee, based in Leeds, was established in 2013 from a desire to put the humanity back into the commoditised coffee supply chain. Since their inception, they have worked hard to source specialty grade coffee (from the top 5 per cent of what is grown globally) from some cherished relationships established over the years. 

North Star consider themselves a tribe of coffee lovers, built on the foundations of what it really means to be a family – "there is a desire to protect all that are part of it because we love and care about all members of our #northstarfamily".

They embrace themes of quality, social and environmental ethics, transparency, equity, kindness and respect.

"These values are at the heart of all the relationships we curate whether with our producing partners, wholesale partners or web shop/coffee shop community. Our team are motivated by the possibility of working within this incredible community of coffee lovers, sharing their passion and expertise to better the experience in the cup."

North Star is a coffee company focused on real and true impact founded with a genuine desire to prioritise people and planet over profit.

We're excited to feature them in the Secret Caffeine Club this week with 2 varieties:

The Docks
A traditional style blend with plenty of chocolate and nut notes in the cup. With milk it is super smooth and creamy with notes of milk chocolate, hazelnut and a hint of butter. Black, it is smooth and naturally sweet with minimal bitterness and a twist of orange peel on the finish.

El Salvador Chelazos
This coffee from Chalatenango, Northern El Salvador has a beautiful rounded acidity that is plum like in character. There are hints of tangerine and caramel with notes of creamy milk chocolate adding balance and structure.