Olfactory, named after the old factory building the roaster was built, started back in 2010 with a couple that became obsessed with coffee during their university studies in Cornwall.

But it was rather difficult trying to keep the late nights of study going over a cup of stale, over-roasted coffee that tasted of rubber, produced by a tired commodity focused industry.

The couple decided to change that and Olfactory Coffee Roasters was born in 2013. They envisioned Olfactory with a set of specific values that meant it running for the long term – quality, transparency and ethical trading. To this day, these values have not changed. The idea implied travelling and meeting some of the world’s best speciality coffee producers who share those values and forming long term trading relationships. Being the cooperative members farming quarter of a hectare of land in a remote region in Kenya, or the super high-tech farm producing experimental varietals in Brazil, Olfactory seek the best and most exciting coffees.

The team will then extensively experiment, profile and roast those coffees to bring out the exciting flavours and characteristics and offer them at their peak of freshness and deliciousness. 

Olfactory profile and roast coffees on two custom Diedrich roasters, built and shipped from Idaho, USA. These roasters are state-of-the-art machines that allow  control over every aspect of the roast.

We're excited to feature Ol factory in the club with:


An organic blend of 50% White Nile - Uganda (SL14 & Catimor variatals grown at 1450-1800 masl) and 50% Ana Cecilia Estevez - Honduras (Red catuai variatal grown at 1300 masl) which delivers delicious notes of Hazelnut, Milk chocolate and Fig.


A rare featuring Rubi varietal coffee from the Fazenda Cruzeiro 200 hectare farm in Brazil. Grown at 1000 masl, it's been processed naturally and silo dried - the slower, more controlled, drying process increases uniformity and prevents over-fermentation. Expect notes of Red grape, Raspberry & Cocoa butter.

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