Olfactory Coffee Roasters

Founded by pioneering coffee obsessives in Penryn in 2013, Olfactory Coffee Roasters have devoted to find the best seasonal speciality coffees the world has to offer. The team then extensively experiment, sample and profile-roast until the very best of flavour, characteristics and sweetness out of each coffee bean has been unveiled.

Focusing on sustainable relationships with farmers and highly trusted green bean brokers, every care has been taken to ensure that every single green bean that arrives at the roastery carries a contribution towards a better future for speciality coffee.

With meticulous craftsmanship and obsessive attention to detail, Olfactory Coffee Roasters strive to deliver ethically sourced, skilfully roasted, delectable coffees to the world, and actively contribute to the speciality coffee culture in Cornwall.

Located in the Old Brewery Yard in the historic town of Penryn in Cornwall, Olfactory Coffee Roasters take pride in an open door policy to the roastery, welcoming anybody wishing to find out more about the craft of roasting speciality coffee.

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