Papercup Coffee Roasters

Papercup coffee roasters, based in Glasgow's West end have a simple motto - love what you do but try not to be too serious about it.

It's this light heartedness that leads to fantastic quality coffee roasted to perfection. They are constantly on the hunt for perfection: forever sourcing, sampling, cupping, roasting, measuring, calibrating, tweaking, blending & tasting.

They invest in their team, who all share a common passion and love what they do. Whether it be fruity Ethiopians or a killer French toast, they have a palate for quality with a side of fun. For all their joking-around, we take our coffee and scran damn seriously.

The doors of Papercup are always open to coffee crazed passionate people, great beans & new ideas but if you have any questions you can drop by for a chat or pop them over via email. 

We're super excited to feature Papercup in the club this week with the Estrela blend: Full of yellow fruits, caramel and chocolate and a little cane sugar, this medium roast speciality coffee from the Cerrado region of South America is Papercup's most delicious coffee.

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