Penelope Speciality Coffee - March 2023

Penelope Coffee is a small, independent coffee roastery based in Tunbridge Wells, that offers a selection of single-origin coffee for both filter and espresso.

Behind the brand is Giancarlo and Michelle Miggiano, coffee enthusiasts with years of experience in exploring coffee. Giancarlo's passion for coffee has taken him around the world, from owning a cafe in Melbourne to SCAE training in Italy and working on coffee farms in Costa Rica. Now, based in the UK, Giancarlo beliebes that the quality of coffee starts on the land with the farmers and is finished in your cup. Paying attention to small details along the way makes all the difference and elevates beans from being good to great. This is what truly creates a specialty bean, and Giancarlo's job is to roast the beans to showcase their flavour profiles.

Penelope Coffee are committed to ethical practices working alongside importers who support coffee communities by offering fair trade, fair wages for farmers and pickers, healthcare support, education, and sustainable environmentally friendly production. This ensures that the coffee beans used are not only high-quality but also sourced responsibly.

The inspiration behind Penelope Coffee is their little girl, Penelope. In the words of Giancarlo  'She is my life inspiration.' 

We are excited to feature Penelope Speciality Coffee with two of their coffees:

Caixa De Fruta

Caixa De Fruta is a natural processed coffee with a cup score of 83. Caixa De Fruta translates as "Box of Fruits" describing this coffee perfectly with its red fruit and creamy milk chocolate profile. You will taste notes of red cherry, marzipan, toffee, and milk chocolate.

El Salvador
This single origin coffee from El Cipres Estate in El Salvador has tasting notes of stone fruit, tamarind, milk chocolate, and vanilla. It is made from the Red Bourbon variety of coffee beans and processed naturally. The farm, run by the Alvares Gallardo family since 1992, is located on the northern slopes of El Picacho Volcano.

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