Perception Coffee Roasters

Ali from Perception coffee roasters has a bold mission: to change your perception, one cup of coffee at a time. Whether that is a perception ingrained through society or your tasting notes of coffee, it is an exciting mission which we're proud to represent with this week's feature. For us, every roaster represents so much more than just coffee, and Perception have a story worth sharing. 

Ali's journey into coffee started at a young age, skimming some of his mother's instant coffee when she wasn't looking! This planted a very early seed that would later grow into Ali's passion for producing some of the best speciality coffee available today. Ali reflects on the difference on the coffee he roasts today which has bright, light, juicy and floral notes; a stark contrast from the dark, bitter instant coffee from his mother's cup.

Growing up in Brixton, south London, Ali has witnessed how hoodies and tracksuits can be misconstrued as gang culture. This is just one perception he is trying to break, and the other is the misconception that coffee is dark, bitter and harsh. 5 years ago, Ali and his partner started their first cafe and they have been expressing their personality through colourful speciality coffee notes ever since... and they turn up to work in hoodies and tracksuits every day. 

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