Red Bank Coffee Roasters

Founded in 2015 by Tom Preswich after a switch up of his morning coffee. Tom had been invited to for a cup of coffee at Monmouth in Covent Garden and there his journey from a lawyer in London to setting up his own roaster started. 

Tom moved to the Lake District in the hope of sharing this magical experience more widely, in 2019 Red Bank took the big step of investing in a Loring S15 Falcon, the most energy efficient roaster on the market with the lowest emissions. In 2020, Tom achieved Q-Grader certification in order to assist him in making better green coffee buying decisions. 

Red Bank is guided by three core principles: Quality, Traceability, Sustainability. They source the best tasting, seasonal and ethically-produced specialty-grade arabica coffee to retain the unique personality of each bean. Red Bank buys and roast their coffee in small-batches to ensure it is always fresh. 

We are excited to feature Red Bank in the Secret Caffeine Club with their Timor and Baixadão.

We're delighted to bring you coffee grown by the smallholder producers of Malabe village in Timor-Leste. This time round we have selected a stunning natural processed lot of híbrido de timor and typica. In the cup it is round, juicy and super sweet, and reminds us of cookie dough and raspberry ripple ice cream.

Sitio Baixadão is located in the famed Mantiqueira de Minas region of Brazil. In 2011 this region received special recognition for the quality and distinctiveness of the coffee that is grown there. The coffee has been roasted to deliver a beautiful dense, creamy mouthfeel, with notes of toffee and double cream, balanced by a soft blueberry and apricot acidity.

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