Rockhill Brothers

Founded in 2016 by Jamie and Sean Rockhill. Brothers, Jamie and Sean were blown away by the variety of flavours you could find within specialty coffee. They visited lots of coffee shops and roasters in search of different varieties and origin coffees and began to explore the industry further.

Rockhill Brothers started to understand the process and hard work that goes into growing and preparing the coffee before it reaches it’s final destination, an experience enjoyed by Sean and Jamie. They now hand roast all of their coffee on a beautiful Turkish built 10kg Has Garanti. They have our 1kg Dalian Amazon that they started roasting on back in 2016, which is now used to roast any samples of new coffees.

Rockhill Brothers take pride in using traditional methods to manually control all of their roasts, allowing them to manipulate and craft the best possible flavour profiles out.

We are delighted to feature Rockhill Brothers for a second time with two of their varieties:

Uganda Rwenzori - Direct Trade
This coffee is harvested by hand in the Rwenzori mountains, Uganda. Masereka Obed uses a natural process, drying the cherries inside a raised ventilated poly tunnel over 22 days. The coffee has notes of cherry and blackcurrant and is complemented by a taste of dark chocolate.

Signature Espresso blend
An excellent coffee designed to be a great workhorse offering from Brazil and Columbia with a classic flavour profile. Expect notes of milk chocolate, nuttiness, lemon-like acidity and a heavy body, this coffee certainly ticks all those boxes!

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