Rounton Coffee Roasters

Rounton Coffee Roasters

Rounton Coffee Roasters began their journey 8 years ago whilst travelling around Europe, Russia and Mongolia. During their travels they met a group of Sumatran coffee farmers and experienced the trials and tribulations around direct trade, which led to their mission ‘to source coffee that guarantees a fair cut for everyone’. Rounton’s are simply committed to transparency and traceability of the coffee chain.

We are thrilled to feature Rounton Coffee in the club with two varieties:


A great taste 2020 winner, this blend of Peru - Hilda Bermeo Guevara and Guatemala - Finca Rabanales is moreish and satisfying. Coffee lovers will know that Central and South American coffees make up the backbone of any great blend. Their deep chocolate notes punch through, making them a great choice with or without milk.


The Planadas region of Tolima, Colombia is an isolated volcanic area, nestled between two national parks. Transportation of coffee is notoriously difficult, taking 12 hours of driving on dirt roads to reach the capital of the province. The coffees from this region benefit from fertile volcanic soil, and have rich red fruit notes, along with the typical chocolatey body typical of Colombian coffees.


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