Symposium Coffee Roasters

Symposium Coffee Roasters are one of London's newest additions - founded by Steven Sheard & Phillip Oliver in January 2020. With backgrounds spanning the British Army, business and academia and a keen interest in great quality coffee, they have the unique drive required to start their own roastery during challenging times.

Symposium specialise in East African coffee and currently use a 15kg Giesen to roast coffee fresh for every order. They are a small team with big dreams and the timing of the social distancing measures in the UK have undoubtedly bean hard for them to navigate, so we are absolutely thrilled to be featuring them in the Secret Caffeine Club... now and in the future.

Symposium take social responsibility very seriously and have planted 20 trees in East Africa so far and source direct from plantations where possible to ensure the fairest deal. 

We're very excited to feature Symposium this week with the Zimbabwe and Ethiopian blends - be sure to let us know what you think over on Instagram!

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