Triple Co Roast - January 2024

Nestled in the heart of Bristol is Triple Co Roast, founded by Jo and began all the way out in Northern California. Jo found a love for roasting coffee while out there studying.

Triple Co Roast holds three core values – exceptional taste, ethical sourcing, and open transparency – they're brewing a coffee revolution, one delicious cup at a time.

They source only the finest specialty-grade beans, hand-picking vibrant coffees bursting with fruity and sweet notes. Every sip is a journey through flavour, crafted to redefine your coffee expectations.

This isn't just about good coffee, it's about doing good. Triple Co Roast champions ethical sourcing, building direct relationships with farmers. They consistently pay 3 times the average price, ensuring fair compensation and sustainable livelihoods for the very hands that nurture these exceptional beans.

Founder Jo, embraces an open-access roastery, inviting you to witness the magic firsthand. Watch the beans transform under expert hands, ask questions and deepen your coffee knowledge. Triple Co Roast believes education is important in the coffee industry and support this culture with their open access roastery.

We are excited to feature Triple Co Roast with their Colombia Nariño this week:

Colombia Nariño:
An excellent award-winning coffee, nurtured by the volcanic soils of Buesaco Village, Nariño. Grown at 1900 MASL by Jose Gomez & Pablo Guerrero. Expect notes of honeycrisp apple, juicy clementine and a touch of dark chocolate. 

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