Unica Coffee - January 2023

Unica roasts out of Bristol's first zero waste shop (Zero Green), where they sell  coffee via a glass jar return system which reduces waste. They tag these jars with a cardboard label and the string used to attach is from an old coffee bag. 

Unica's journey began with an impromptu meeting in Guatemala back in 2009. Over the next decade and in various countries, the ‘El Paisa’ (as Unica's head roaster is affectionately known), developed his knowledge, understanding and love of coffee.

However, it was not until late 2021 when the goal to become an independent roaster of high-quality beans was realised. In short, Unica's goal is to roast and provide unique, speciality coffee, without taking themselves too seriously.

We're excited to feature Unica with their: Cuba

This Cuban coffee from Sierra Maestra, has been made with washed Typica beans grown at 1000-1500 MASL, it boasts a forest pine aroma, balanced acidity, with notes of roasted hazelnut and red apple.

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