Wylie's coffee

Wylie's Coffee was launched in 2021 by Freddie & Stef - they're independently owned, sustainably driven and coffee-inspired. Wylie's mission is to make speciality coffee accessible to everyone and inspire moments of escapism through every cup.

In 2018, Wylie's coffee journey started percolating while founders Freddie & Stef were living in Sydney, Australia and being absorbed into a new coffee culture that was very different to the UK. They fell in love with what coffee meant to Australians - it wasn't just a 'quick grab'n'go before catching my train' - people took the time to enjoy and appreciate a great cup of coffee. 

Their passion for coffee rocketed in 2019 while on a trip to Japan where they spent 4 weeks discovering coffee shops and coffee beans up and down the country, really buying into their respect for coffee and ritualistic culture. These manners are ones that Wylie's have adopted themselves and have become the foundation of their coffees: not just a quick caffeine-fix, but also a moment in time for people to brew and enjoy their fresh cup of coffee. 

It’s really important to Wylie's that the coffee offered is both great tasting and ethically and sustainably sourced. To do this, Wylie's only buy from high welfare traders who have direct relationships with wonderful farmers and producers. 

Wylie's take great pride in the hard work that goes into roasting our coffee to showcase its distinctive qualities. Roasting is the crucial part of the process to get a great cup of coffee and they ensure to treat each variety individually to bring out the best qualities in the bean.

We're excited to feature Wylie's in the club this week with two varieties:

Founders Brew

The combination of unique flavours uses darker roasted Colombian beans (60%) alongside a lighter Brazilian roast (40%) for a smooth yet rich flavour with the perfect balance. Expect notes of smooth caramel and apple.

Santa Ana

This beautiful coffee is grown in the Apaneca-Ilamatepec region of El Salvador. With tons of rich sweetness, a bright refreshing acidity and a meltingly smooth texture, this beautiful coffee takes you from dark chocolate raisins to a lip smacking jammy fig finish.

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