Yallah Coffee

As we all look to take some time off work, many of us are heading down to Cornwall for a break and chance to disconnect. If you've been to a speciality coffee shop on your travels, then the chances are you've sampled one of the great Cornish roasters we'll be featuring this month, kicking things off with Yallah.

Yallah, of Falmouth - Cornwall, actually started their journey in Morocco. Staying with friends, searching for waves, and drinking coffee in roadside cafes. Yallah was a word Phil (founder of Yallah) heard often, meaning ‘Lets go’ in Arabic. It fit with them then, and still does today.

Yallah began with a restored 1950's roaster, a leaky barn, and a goal to build a sustainably focused business. They're still at Argal Home Farm to this day. Powered by solar, heated with biomass and surrounded by new workshops, studios, and a bunch of creatives which constantly inspire them to push forward.

Yallah's vision is formed of 5 ambitious goals:

1. No Blending

All of our coffee issingle origin and highly traceable. We don’t blend cheap components or cut corners.

2. Simple and Inclusive

Good coffee should be for everyone. No exclusiveness.

3. Educate

We believe you will get the most from our coffee if you understand why we do what we do. We share knowledge that will make your coffee taste better and give you an appreciation for what makes good coffee good.

4. Sustainability

All our coffee is sourced from the best and most sustainable farms we can find. Premiums are paid for this and we do what we can to ensure this goes back to the workers.

5. Doing Good

Selling good products that we care about and believe it. Creating social spaces and positively contributing to our community.

We're super excited to feature Yallah in the club with the following varieties:


House Espresso


  • Region: Divinolandia
  • Country: Brazil
  • Taste: Date and walnut cake with dark chocolate and plenty of brown sugar in the mix. 
  • Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai, Obata, Acacia
  • Processing Method: Natural

Seasonal Trust

  •  ProducerJosé Javier
  • OriginNicaragua
  • Region: Dipilto
  • ProcessWashed
  • Taste: A clean and classy coffee with lots of marzipan and milk chocolate flavours. An easy-drinking peoples champion.

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