UK's Best Specialty coffee subscription

We find the UK's best independent roasters and feature a different one each week, giving you the chance to experience a different coffee every delivery and supporting small independent businesses.

We find the UK's best roasters and hand select a different coffee for you every delivery

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A different coffee every delivery

The UK has some of the world's finest coffee roasters and, as a member of the Secret Caffeine Club, you'll get to try them all.

Unlike other coffee subscriptions that buy in bulk and send the same coffee week after week, we hand select a different coffee for you to try with each delivery.

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You receive the UK’s best speciality grade coffee, hand roasted to perfection by each roaster

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UK's best roasters

Independent roasters are passionate about coffee and since they roast in small quantities, are able to perfect their roast recipes. The result is coffee which is perfectly roasted to extract each coffee's unique flavour profile.

What's more, speciality coffee roasters work directly with farmers and pay above fairtrade prices for the best coffee.

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Independent roasters receive your support, helping small businesses to grow and the coffee scene to thrive

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Support small businesses

We pay fair prices to the roasters we partner with, helping them to grow and produce more great coffee.

Each roaster selects their best coffee to showcase in the club and each batch is hand roasted to the roaster's perfected profile, bringing the best flavours out for each lot.

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Secret Caffeine Club

Coffee Subscription

Experience a different coffee each delivery and enjoy the delicious chocolatey, fruity and citrusy notes speciality coffee has to offer. As a member of the Secret Caffeine Club, you will receive a different coffee every delivery from the UK's best independent roasters.

Just tell us how you like your coffee ground (or wholebean), how much you'd like and how often.

We'll handle the rest - you'll receive a different coffee through your letterbox with every delivery.